By Any Means

There are some things you should know...and I'm not the one to tell them to you.

"Let's stop looking up internet porn and get back to table top roleplaying."

+250exp 3750 total
We dock on the Oroborous and are greeted with a summons to meet with the Captain. There are four Arbitrators in the Captain’s office. We invoke a rarely used loophole and request a third party witness to our debrief and pick someone from the church to be our witness (subtext: she’s powerful and if she kills us someone else will know).

We land on Tranch at the appointed time. We leave our guard witness in the brig for his own protection on the Oroborous. We meet our priest friend [Vincinius Hausier] and head to Ms. Abide’s office. Keith bluffs us through talking to Abide: there is mutual agreement that we will not cross paths with each other again. We agree for Vincinius to meet our guard stowaway on the Orobourous. Vincinius takes the guard with him. The Oroborous departs with us on board.

We will keep our eyes open for info about the Red Eye and ship [Swift Victory] and super weapon. Officially we are investigating Black Rose. We head back to Settlement 228 to eventually pick up Leopold.

News; Propaganda from Reinhold Quintus – v. government centric news ala totalitarian regime. Broadcast from Olman Quintus is dry and factual but not so government white washed and more neutral. Seems like more of a cold war; not a lot of actual combat. Might be that both sides aren’t armed for actual combat. Reinhold seems to hold the majority of the planet, but Olman’s half seem to be maybe better taken care of. Leopold asks us to do another job for Reinhold saying that he’s crazy but at least he’s on our side. Meet Reinhold: Border towns are waning in loyalty and he wants us to go help a village (Ursus) and claiming a monster is harassing them.

We fly to the village and see multiple large windowless and heavily guarded compounds along the way. There is one .5 mi from the village and we go there to investigate. Guards say this is a research facility. after bluffing through the radio and the guards, we are escorted into an elevator lobby. The elevator lobby opens and Leopold walks out. There are “things here that he doesn’t know about and shouldn’t know about”. Leopold offers to take us on a tour. Reinhold allows us to keep facilities here we couldn’t keep on Scintilla. We are led to meet Nadia DeKoenig (the other xeno researcher). Along the hallway are windows into laboratories – we see Neron Perez being forced into working. Tyranids – insect like alien race that we kill whenever we encounter them. We go further into the basement and into a room where there is something against the ceiling. We are all sprayed with Tyranid phermones and then she opens a door that opens into a Tyranid hive. Nadia starts to lead us down a tunnel to show us a vaguely human/tyranid half breed. Create human that excretes tyranid pheremones and can walk into a hive and kill them all. Villagers tried to break into the facility and while the villagers all died, something (a hybrid) escaped.

Gain a point of corruption if you went in the hive.

We all go back to another laboratory. Leopold completely admits that this is heresy with an argument for ‘the ends justify the means’. He says that we should learn more about the inquisition and he is not the right teacher to share that information. Keith pulls his flamer and tries to shoot Leopold who dodges causing Keith to kill Nadia instead.

Combat ensues next time…


Reverend gwyndolyn

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