By Any Means

See? Sometimes burning things down isn't the answer..., it's burning them LATER.

Thrace reviews the security footage produced by the Governor’s office and learns that the Inquisition officer who came through prior to our arrival is Baylor from Ordo Malleus in the window immediately after we were tortured/returned to Ruby. (Baylor was the guy who kidnapped and tortured all of us). We presume he is also after Leopold and just is ahead of us.

We then move on to the drop where our captured thief was was supposed to meet her contact to sell the warpstone she stole. The underworld bar is the Wayward Bolt. The team stations themselves around the bar, and Jura goes in with the theif to meet her contact. He arrives but gets spooked and tries to run. Lexandro force chokes him out while Jura physically tackles him and he passes out. The team makes a graceful exit from the bar and gets the guy (Mos Fenof) into our car and back to our interrogation station. Saren Diel is his boss who sends him to get it from the retrieval effort. “He needs it for the prophet of the warp” The prophet showed up about a year ago. Saren Diel runs a farm called “Rogal Farm”. The team stakes the farm out and notices that every night all the farm hands meet in the barn for some kind of gathering. Half the team stakes it out and learns that they’re reading from the journal of someone who served on the Swift Victory several hundred years ago (the ship that Leopold was on that disappeared in the void). We take advantage of everyone being in their services and search the place and find a crate with return address of Dr Vitronio off planet (Bront hive world). The crate is full of books that are probably reprints of the journal – we memorize the address and take one book. The team plans to return the next day to burn everything.

Luce finds out there’s a regular shipment from Bront every few weeks and the most recent one is in orbit now. Meanwhile the rest of the team is back at the farm. An ornithopter arrives with suits and the name on the ornithopter is “Bahaemous” The suits go into the barn and vanish for a while. Thrace works up a tracking bug and Jura sneaks it into the ornithopter while everyone is in services including the suits. After that evening’s cult meeting, the suits get back into the ornithopter and fly away. The team is ready to burn it all down.

250 xp for the session. total 8500


Reverend gwyndolyn

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