By Any Means

In which we kill some cultists.

and some suits.

The team sees the suits leave while the cult service is still going on, and decides this is a good time to ambush them.

Luce busts down the door and intimidates the crowd saying, ‘Prepare to die, the Emperor’s justice has arrived." Jericus opens up with his flamer and Lexandro puts on a fear display. Jura and Thrace prepare themselves at the ‘back door’ behind the stage and combat begins.

The team starts laying waste to the cultists and in the middle of the combat, Lexandro rolled two 9’s resulting in freaky things happening. The team thwarts the cultists capturing one of their leaders for interrogation. We find out that they have been taking the warp stone and making “bathtub spook” and using it to commune with Kaizos (the warp demon). The suits from Bahaemous Corporation give them money in exchange for warp stone. The farm is otherwise a dead end. We finish razing the farm and head off to intercept the suits.

On the way back, the team spots a single rider on a motorcycle following us. We stop and the motorbike turns around. Jericus hits the driver with a sniper rifle, driving them off the road. We go back briefly and find the ruined motorcycle but no driver.

We get to the Bahemous compound and submit a request for the four suits who were at the farm. We interrogate them and they confess to being middlemen who don’t know anything. They claim not to know anything. We execute them for having witnessed the service. Thrace goes with the clerk at the company offices to have them track the package slated to be sent to Dr Vitronio on Bront. We have the package returned to us. The package is shielded to prevent the corruption from leaking out.

We arrange for the package to be returned to the Sisters. They offer us the ritual of cleansing in return. We book travel on the Bahemous trader ship for transit to Bront.

Jericus reads the book from the cultists.

350 Xp = total 8850


Reverend gwyndolyn

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