By Any Means

Graveyard Story

A thieves Tale

500 thrones per person budget for the mission to Granithor (graveyard planet)

There was a war and the planet is now holy ground and largely cemetery, only sparsely populated. Planet has become a theocratic world and is sometimes a pilgrimage site. It is largely with heroes to the empire as well as rich people who have chosen to have their remains interred on the planet. Capital city (Galicia) has two temples run by nuns and primarily used for housing dead psychers. Generally all psychers produce some depending on their strength.

Team schedules a meeting with planet Governor openly as Inquisition, Seldus Oriakis. On the way down, the planet is quite beautiful: bright, well manicured. The governor’s offices are full of relics and priceless objects. He informs us that another inquisition group came through a few weeks ago. They were here investigating the Sisters of Battle who are essentially retired nuns who maintain the shrines. The visitors wanted to see more about psycher shrines; they were directed to the two largest temples Galicia Temple Prime and Our Lady of the Warp.

We leave Thrace with the governor’s head of security to oversee the extraction of all the security information on the visiting ship.

The rest of the team heads off to Our Lady of the Warp to find out what the nuns have. We’re greeted by Ionia and Zur gets some cred by talking to her in High Gothic. We notify the Head Abbess that we are looking for someone who is after soul stone. We chat with her some and learn that there is a new sister who came to the planet after being injured fighting Xenos (we encountered these in a past mission). We search her quarters and find a stash of stone and thieves tools. We track her down in the catacombs and interrogate her. She was hired through the thieves guild and her next drop is in two days.

250XP Total 8250


Reverend gwyndolyn

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