By Any Means

Go and think about what you've done.

Warp Syphillus!

+250 total 4000

Leopold takes cover and starts yelling that the research in the facility is sanctioned by the Inquisition and Ms Ruby. Guards start attacking Zur and Neron Perez makes a break for the exit. Lucilla disarms Zur as Jericus intervenes to protect Zur from guards. Leopold agrees that we should kill the escaped experiment and we will go back to Scintilla and Ms Ruby can explain everything. Neron doesn’t get far.

Jura finds a trail leading from the compound towards a forest area near the village. We track it into the woods but lose the trail. While being distracted, the monster ambushes the team who attack with impunity. After killing the creature, the team takes a trophy to the village to show they have succeeded and Zur gives a speech to rally the villagers. The villagers generally prefer the less crazy brother but fear their leader.

We check in with Reinhold Quintus on the way out – he doesn’t think there’s actually a monster and is surprised that we found and killed something but he’s happy we succeeded in our mission. We depart for the Oroborous and are joined by Leopold in a few days.

Travel: Everyone heals, Lucilla learns ship security procedures, Leopold secludes himself. It seems Leopold has a permanent storage on the ship. Jericus installs a powerful backdoor (rolled v. well) in the ship’s computer. He shares that information with Thrace only.

Arrive at Scintilla. Meet with Ms. Ruby – Dinner in 3 hrs. Ms Ruby requests a physical exam for Zur and Jericus goes along as an observer. The exam seems routine and looking for regular medical maladies. We do some research in the town and don’t really learn much. No top secret bases or information on the Swift Victory. We show up for dinner but Leopold doesn’t join us. Ms Ruby seems ‘down’ at dinner. She indicates that a bounty hunter on Leopold’s team brought the lacrimole back against her wishes. We were on a clean-up mission to tie up that loose end. We press Ruby on information about Leopold’s work and for more information about what’s going on.

Ms Ruby: “What do you know about psychers?” Psychers get their power from the warp but we allow some to live because we need their powers to survive. The inquisition is there to exploit dark secrets for the betterment of humanity. Inquisitors are given special training to determine what is and isn’t acceptable. Vonk was the ‘wrong hands’. The mandate for the Inquisition comes from Holy Terra.

She wants to give us gifts but they are not the tools of the righteous; they are given to those who are willing to sacrifice of themselves to defend humanity.

Thrace: body implant taken from an xeno but may be grafted onto a tech priest. It assists in defense against energy weapons. It +4 toughness vs energy damage in the body. Doesn’t count as armor because it’s an implant. If it successfully soaks 4pts of damage, it will heal a point of fatigue. But there’s corruption to have it implanted.

What can she tell us about the Black Rose? She has suspicion regarding who the Black Rose is; looks suspiciously at Jura when saying this. She keeps Zur after dinner alone without the team. We are directed to take whatever time we need and reconvene in a few weeks. When we return she has a ’very important task".

Zur is threatened – the blood they took at the medical exam was used to bless a bullet that allows Ruby to kill Zur anywhere/time.

[end of season]
We could research what xenos were on the prison planet. – Ms Ruby – They are the necrons a race believed to be long dormant. Techpriests have long wanted to learn their ways and adapt their technology. They are supposed to be v. difficult to kill. At one point they waged war against another more powerful race – the star gods. Necrons were able to trap and utilize star gods’ power as a weapon or power source. There are some of these star gods what have been let loose in the Calixa sector. Star Gods when contained look like a crystal struture. When not contained, they can manifest in many ways. Unknown if we killed or released one of these beings.


Reverend gwyndolyn

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