By Any Means

Captivity! and Release...

Each character had a 1:1 while in captivity with Ordo Malleus.

After a prisoner swap, we are returned to Miss Ruby. She confirms that Leopold may have survived the explosion on the ship and returned from the warp. Also, she confirms that they are investigating the Cult of Kaizos and Leopold may be involved with resurgence of the cult.

The cult has also been raiding shrines to psychers which die and become warp stone. Warp stone was a key ingredient in the weapon that was on the ship that Leopold was investigating.

There’s a psycher shrine on Planet Granithor which is a graveyard planet and would be a target as a source of more warp stone. She would like us to go and retrieve Leopold alive (preferred) or dead.

EXP +250 – Tot: 8000


Reverend gwyndolyn

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