Zar (Zarathustra)

Void-born Cleric


(Forgive the stilted writing quality – threw this together in a bit of a rush)

Zar was born and raised on an outdated and failing vessel called the Eclipse. The Eclipse had become stranded in the Warp shortly before Zar’s conception and remained there for nearly two decades.

When ship finally reverted to real space, a psycher name Nihl who had succumbed to deamonic influence led a mutiny to try to return the ship to the warp. The loyalist crew (including Zar) rallied around a old cleric named Domitian and fought back. Domitian had been the primary educator for most of the children born while the ship was in the Void, and Zar was one of his first students.

It’s uncertain whether it was collateral damage from the mutiny attempt or deliberate sabotage that damaged the ship, but once the explosions started Domitian insisted Zar take all of the surviving loyalist children to an escape pod and evacuate. He gave Zar his Aquilla amulet, now charred, chipped and bloodstained. Domitian stayed behind with a few able fighters to insure that the mutineers were unable to return the ship to the warp before its destruction – preferring to die rather than give Nihl and his allies the chance to aid in whatever the deamonic entities had planned.

An Inquisition ship picked up the escape pod several days later, and the story of “the Child-Zarathustra who led a ship full of innocent children out of shadow and flame through his faith in the Emperor” began to spread. The reality of the event and the limited role that Zar had played was quickly eclipsed by the story that the Inquisition and the Eccelsiarchy turned into a temporarily effective bit of propaganda. Few of the stories make mention of Zar’s void-born status, and thus relatively few people would actually believe he was the one the story talks about.

Zar used his very limited psudo-fame to secure a place for the children that escaped with him – most are in imperial academies. He’s also kept in touch with the Inquisitor who rescued him – Hastus – and arranged a place for himself in the Inquisition. Given the nature of his arrival he had little choice but to join the Eccelsiarcy as a Cleric, though his knowledge of doctrine is painfully thin. Most of his education under Domitian focused more on how to live a good and helpful life than it did of the particulars of Imperial dogma. Zar’s faith in the Emperor is present, but largely unimportant to him. The dangers of the Daemons and careless use of the Warp are his primary doctrinal concerns. Domitian always maintained that the socially isolated and weak-minded were the easiest prey for daemons, so Zar is determined to focus his ministry on the poor and the uninformed. Zar’s experience with psychers has been mixed, and while he’s seen the dangers they can present he’s also convinced that they are often the ones most in need of help.

Zar has finished his initial training and is currently on his way to meet his immediate superior (Inquisitor Marcus) on Scintilla. Zar knows fairly little of what to expect in the wider galaxy and has never spent any time on a planet, so he’s approaching this trip with a bit of trepidation.

Zar (Zarathustra)

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