Jericus Architivex S78

"I shall relay your query unto the machine."


Rank: Mech-Wright
Divination: : “A wise man learns from the deaths of others.”

Build: Lanky
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Lenses


Jericus is a data specialist originating from Lathe Het. He was reclusive even for a devotee of the Machine cult. His curiosity and passion for uncovering secrets were the only traits that marked him as clearly separate from the massive data archives he spent his life connected to.

With a talent for interfacing his mind directly into complex systems, Jericus has an affinity for more delicate tasks. He excels at analyzing technology, searching large databanks, piloting spacecraft. While no tech-priest is clumsy with a machine’s hardware, his true calling lies with the software.

Jerricus is fascinated by the past achievements of Archeotech and other knowledge lost during past ages of heresy. Newly initiated into the inquisition, this forbidden lore may be closer within his grasp than he ever dreamed.

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Jericus Architivex S78

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