By Any Means

Heads Up!

What's a penal colony?

500 Exp for completing spring storyline. Total 2750

Pausing on Settlement 228 with Leopold and Reinhold Quintus on the way to Tranch.

Olman and Reinhold’s father was governor of the planet. Younger brother (Olman) thinks he has claim on the governor and the younger brother wants to send us with a package to the brother. The package is a head from a spy. He thinks that the brother is less likely to kill inquisition. Olman has taken over part of the planet and set up his own faction.

Both sides look like they’re pretty miserable and poor. Both sides aren’t particularly well armed or equipped.

Land on Olman’s lawn. Announce we are inquisition. Olman comes out to collect package. He opens the box and doesn’t look surprised. Send message to Reinhold that package was delivered. “Your lady is welcome to visit any time.”

Leopold is going to stay on Settlement 228 to “do some work”. We go on to Tranch in pursuit of Baros for selling lacrimole DNA. Redacted information is signed Noella Abide. Also questions about how she’s funding her operation. Ask around about Noella. Techpriests find out that She rounded up tech priests and took them off world and never heard from again. Theory: she was building something and killed them at the end to keep her secrets. Talk to shop keeper: things are running well, smoothly and everything is wonderful. Shopkeeper lived on Hesh (lathes) and this is much better. He seems genuinely happy. Shopkeeper says good things about Noella.

We go to see Noella. The arbites are well equipped and plentiful. Crime is low. Meet Noella and ask about the Xeno dealer. She will give us info to get to the dealer in exchange for a favor. She wants to give people the opportunity to make amends with the emperor by working instead of being instantly being put to death. [THIS IS HERETICAL]. We can interrogate this person who is at a work farm. The work facility needs fuel for their reactors and then stopped requesting any supplies including fuel. She is worried that they are becoming independent of her. The facility is off-world. She thinks there’s a mole in her organization and we’re supposed to find out where they are getting fuel from. Noella will assign us to a larger cargo ship for travel to the penal colony.

Arrive at penal colony, and see a dome shaped ‘city’ on the planet which resembles Venus. Dome opens and we enter the colony.


Reverend gwyndolyn

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