By Any Means

In which we kill some cultists.
and some suits.

The team sees the suits leave while the cult service is still going on, and decides this is a good time to ambush them.

Luce busts down the door and intimidates the crowd saying, ‘Prepare to die, the Emperor’s justice has arrived." Jericus opens up with his flamer and Lexandro puts on a fear display. Jura and Thrace prepare themselves at the ‘back door’ behind the stage and combat begins.

The team starts laying waste to the cultists and in the middle of the combat, Lexandro rolled two 9’s resulting in freaky things happening. The team thwarts the cultists capturing one of their leaders for interrogation. We find out that they have been taking the warp stone and making “bathtub spook” and using it to commune with Kaizos (the warp demon). The suits from Bahaemous Corporation give them money in exchange for warp stone. The farm is otherwise a dead end. We finish razing the farm and head off to intercept the suits.

On the way back, the team spots a single rider on a motorcycle following us. We stop and the motorbike turns around. Jericus hits the driver with a sniper rifle, driving them off the road. We go back briefly and find the ruined motorcycle but no driver.

We get to the Bahemous compound and submit a request for the four suits who were at the farm. We interrogate them and they confess to being middlemen who don’t know anything. They claim not to know anything. We execute them for having witnessed the service. Thrace goes with the clerk at the company offices to have them track the package slated to be sent to Dr Vitronio on Bront. We have the package returned to us. The package is shielded to prevent the corruption from leaking out.

We arrange for the package to be returned to the Sisters. They offer us the ritual of cleansing in return. We book travel on the Bahemous trader ship for transit to Bront.

Jericus reads the book from the cultists.

350 Xp = total 8850

See? Sometimes burning things down isn't the answer..., it's burning them LATER.

Thrace reviews the security footage produced by the Governor’s office and learns that the Inquisition officer who came through prior to our arrival is Baylor from Ordo Malleus in the window immediately after we were tortured/returned to Ruby. (Baylor was the guy who kidnapped and tortured all of us). We presume he is also after Leopold and just is ahead of us.

We then move on to the drop where our captured thief was was supposed to meet her contact to sell the warpstone she stole. The underworld bar is the Wayward Bolt. The team stations themselves around the bar, and Jura goes in with the theif to meet her contact. He arrives but gets spooked and tries to run. Lexandro force chokes him out while Jura physically tackles him and he passes out. The team makes a graceful exit from the bar and gets the guy (Mos Fenof) into our car and back to our interrogation station. Saren Diel is his boss who sends him to get it from the retrieval effort. “He needs it for the prophet of the warp” The prophet showed up about a year ago. Saren Diel runs a farm called “Rogal Farm”. The team stakes the farm out and notices that every night all the farm hands meet in the barn for some kind of gathering. Half the team stakes it out and learns that they’re reading from the journal of someone who served on the Swift Victory several hundred years ago (the ship that Leopold was on that disappeared in the void). We take advantage of everyone being in their services and search the place and find a crate with return address of Dr Vitronio off planet (Bront hive world). The crate is full of books that are probably reprints of the journal – we memorize the address and take one book. The team plans to return the next day to burn everything.

Luce finds out there’s a regular shipment from Bront every few weeks and the most recent one is in orbit now. Meanwhile the rest of the team is back at the farm. An ornithopter arrives with suits and the name on the ornithopter is “Bahaemous” The suits go into the barn and vanish for a while. Thrace works up a tracking bug and Jura sneaks it into the ornithopter while everyone is in services including the suits. After that evening’s cult meeting, the suits get back into the ornithopter and fly away. The team is ready to burn it all down.

250 xp for the session. total 8500

Graveyard Story
A thieves Tale

500 thrones per person budget for the mission to Granithor (graveyard planet)

There was a war and the planet is now holy ground and largely cemetery, only sparsely populated. Planet has become a theocratic world and is sometimes a pilgrimage site. It is largely with heroes to the empire as well as rich people who have chosen to have their remains interred on the planet. Capital city (Galicia) has two temples run by nuns and primarily used for housing dead psychers. Generally all psychers produce some depending on their strength.

Team schedules a meeting with planet Governor openly as Inquisition, Seldus Oriakis. On the way down, the planet is quite beautiful: bright, well manicured. The governor’s offices are full of relics and priceless objects. He informs us that another inquisition group came through a few weeks ago. They were here investigating the Sisters of Battle who are essentially retired nuns who maintain the shrines. The visitors wanted to see more about psycher shrines; they were directed to the two largest temples Galicia Temple Prime and Our Lady of the Warp.

We leave Thrace with the governor’s head of security to oversee the extraction of all the security information on the visiting ship.

The rest of the team heads off to Our Lady of the Warp to find out what the nuns have. We’re greeted by Ionia and Zur gets some cred by talking to her in High Gothic. We notify the Head Abbess that we are looking for someone who is after soul stone. We chat with her some and learn that there is a new sister who came to the planet after being injured fighting Xenos (we encountered these in a past mission). We search her quarters and find a stash of stone and thieves tools. We track her down in the catacombs and interrogate her. She was hired through the thieves guild and her next drop is in two days.

250XP Total 8250

Captivity! and Release...

Each character had a 1:1 while in captivity with Ordo Malleus.

After a prisoner swap, we are returned to Miss Ruby. She confirms that Leopold may have survived the explosion on the ship and returned from the warp. Also, she confirms that they are investigating the Cult of Kaizos and Leopold may be involved with resurgence of the cult.

The cult has also been raiding shrines to psychers which die and become warp stone. Warp stone was a key ingredient in the weapon that was on the ship that Leopold was investigating.

There’s a psycher shrine on Planet Granithor which is a graveyard planet and would be a target as a source of more warp stone. She would like us to go and retrieve Leopold alive (preferred) or dead.

EXP +250 – Tot: 8000

Go and think about what you've done.
Warp Syphillus!

+250 total 4000

Leopold takes cover and starts yelling that the research in the facility is sanctioned by the Inquisition and Ms Ruby. Guards start attacking Zur and Neron Perez makes a break for the exit. Lucilla disarms Zur as Jericus intervenes to protect Zur from guards. Leopold agrees that we should kill the escaped experiment and we will go back to Scintilla and Ms Ruby can explain everything. Neron doesn’t get far.

Jura finds a trail leading from the compound towards a forest area near the village. We track it into the woods but lose the trail. While being distracted, the monster ambushes the team who attack with impunity. After killing the creature, the team takes a trophy to the village to show they have succeeded and Zur gives a speech to rally the villagers. The villagers generally prefer the less crazy brother but fear their leader.

We check in with Reinhold Quintus on the way out – he doesn’t think there’s actually a monster and is surprised that we found and killed something but he’s happy we succeeded in our mission. We depart for the Oroborous and are joined by Leopold in a few days.

Travel: Everyone heals, Lucilla learns ship security procedures, Leopold secludes himself. It seems Leopold has a permanent storage on the ship. Jericus installs a powerful backdoor (rolled v. well) in the ship’s computer. He shares that information with Thrace only.

Arrive at Scintilla. Meet with Ms. Ruby – Dinner in 3 hrs. Ms Ruby requests a physical exam for Zur and Jericus goes along as an observer. The exam seems routine and looking for regular medical maladies. We do some research in the town and don’t really learn much. No top secret bases or information on the Swift Victory. We show up for dinner but Leopold doesn’t join us. Ms Ruby seems ‘down’ at dinner. She indicates that a bounty hunter on Leopold’s team brought the lacrimole back against her wishes. We were on a clean-up mission to tie up that loose end. We press Ruby on information about Leopold’s work and for more information about what’s going on.

Ms Ruby: “What do you know about psychers?” Psychers get their power from the warp but we allow some to live because we need their powers to survive. The inquisition is there to exploit dark secrets for the betterment of humanity. Inquisitors are given special training to determine what is and isn’t acceptable. Vonk was the ‘wrong hands’. The mandate for the Inquisition comes from Holy Terra.

She wants to give us gifts but they are not the tools of the righteous; they are given to those who are willing to sacrifice of themselves to defend humanity.

Thrace: body implant taken from an xeno but may be grafted onto a tech priest. It assists in defense against energy weapons. It +4 toughness vs energy damage in the body. Doesn’t count as armor because it’s an implant. If it successfully soaks 4pts of damage, it will heal a point of fatigue. But there’s corruption to have it implanted.

What can she tell us about the Black Rose? She has suspicion regarding who the Black Rose is; looks suspiciously at Jura when saying this. She keeps Zur after dinner alone without the team. We are directed to take whatever time we need and reconvene in a few weeks. When we return she has a ’very important task".

Zur is threatened – the blood they took at the medical exam was used to bless a bullet that allows Ruby to kill Zur anywhere/time.

[end of season]
We could research what xenos were on the prison planet. – Ms Ruby – They are the necrons a race believed to be long dormant. Techpriests have long wanted to learn their ways and adapt their technology. They are supposed to be v. difficult to kill. At one point they waged war against another more powerful race – the star gods. Necrons were able to trap and utilize star gods’ power as a weapon or power source. There are some of these star gods what have been let loose in the Calixa sector. Star Gods when contained look like a crystal struture. When not contained, they can manifest in many ways. Unknown if we killed or released one of these beings.

There are some things you should know...and I'm not the one to tell them to you.
"Let's stop looking up internet porn and get back to table top roleplaying."

+250exp 3750 total
We dock on the Oroborous and are greeted with a summons to meet with the Captain. There are four Arbitrators in the Captain’s office. We invoke a rarely used loophole and request a third party witness to our debrief and pick someone from the church to be our witness (subtext: she’s powerful and if she kills us someone else will know).

We land on Tranch at the appointed time. We leave our guard witness in the brig for his own protection on the Oroborous. We meet our priest friend [Vincinius Hausier] and head to Ms. Abide’s office. Keith bluffs us through talking to Abide: there is mutual agreement that we will not cross paths with each other again. We agree for Vincinius to meet our guard stowaway on the Orobourous. Vincinius takes the guard with him. The Oroborous departs with us on board.

We will keep our eyes open for info about the Red Eye and ship [Swift Victory] and super weapon. Officially we are investigating Black Rose. We head back to Settlement 228 to eventually pick up Leopold.

News; Propaganda from Reinhold Quintus – v. government centric news ala totalitarian regime. Broadcast from Olman Quintus is dry and factual but not so government white washed and more neutral. Seems like more of a cold war; not a lot of actual combat. Might be that both sides aren’t armed for actual combat. Reinhold seems to hold the majority of the planet, but Olman’s half seem to be maybe better taken care of. Leopold asks us to do another job for Reinhold saying that he’s crazy but at least he’s on our side. Meet Reinhold: Border towns are waning in loyalty and he wants us to go help a village (Ursus) and claiming a monster is harassing them.

We fly to the village and see multiple large windowless and heavily guarded compounds along the way. There is one .5 mi from the village and we go there to investigate. Guards say this is a research facility. after bluffing through the radio and the guards, we are escorted into an elevator lobby. The elevator lobby opens and Leopold walks out. There are “things here that he doesn’t know about and shouldn’t know about”. Leopold offers to take us on a tour. Reinhold allows us to keep facilities here we couldn’t keep on Scintilla. We are led to meet Nadia DeKoenig (the other xeno researcher). Along the hallway are windows into laboratories – we see Neron Perez being forced into working. Tyranids – insect like alien race that we kill whenever we encounter them. We go further into the basement and into a room where there is something against the ceiling. We are all sprayed with Tyranid phermones and then she opens a door that opens into a Tyranid hive. Nadia starts to lead us down a tunnel to show us a vaguely human/tyranid half breed. Create human that excretes tyranid pheremones and can walk into a hive and kill them all. Villagers tried to break into the facility and while the villagers all died, something (a hybrid) escaped.

Gain a point of corruption if you went in the hive.

We all go back to another laboratory. Leopold completely admits that this is heresy with an argument for ‘the ends justify the means’. He says that we should learn more about the inquisition and he is not the right teacher to share that information. Keith pulls his flamer and tries to shoot Leopold who dodges causing Keith to kill Nadia instead.

Combat ensues next time…

Once more into the breach...
"I'm going to die in here."

+250exp; start of session 3500

Start the session in the breached opening of an alien space ship. Things inside are advanced xeno technology; but well preserved. Enter through a lit up blinky technology looking space. We can go left or right… Right. … There is a closed sliding door. backtrack and look at left hand hallway. Hallway opens into a room; On the far side of the room there is a pile of approx 12 bodies. Enter room; there are stasis pods with cybernetic things in them. ~9ft tall, mechanized beings; seem well armored and very little biologic component to them. The ship is far from the spire; so if they’re using the ship to power things they would have to run a major conduit. Bodies are methodically stacked prisoners from the prison and are not servitors. They were shot. (we discover later that gun servitors probably stacked them.)

Go back to the door. Thrace and Zur search the door and finds no traps, but Luce finds human boot prints going back and forth through this door. There is an empty hallway with more doors. There are recent tracks down the hall and through an open doorway. We look into the room where the footprints lead and find gun servitors and more of the mechanical aliens. We take out one of the gun servitors; they didn’t seem to send out a message alerting of our presence. Jericus takes control of the other servitor. We examine the computers and pods; they are powered by ship; no clear buttons to control the pods so they are controlled by computers or ship. Maybe if we can power the ship down…

Go further down the hall, through another door and find 3 more servitors. We take out two of them and take over the third one. The broken one carries Jura’s broken body. The other has a working gun. Out the back of the room there’s a railing showing engine parts; there are two reactors and an empty space for a third with human tools lying around. The remaining power sources seem to be working correctly. Jericus uses some heretical xeno medical supplies to try and heal Jura – the impossible happens. We set explosives to make the engine go critical in 24 hours. Jericus fixes the second servitor and programs them both to defend our hidden bomb.

We head back to the spire; the way we came is blocked by a makeshift wall built by prisoners. There’s a gang there. ~12 crudely equipped Zur intimidates them with his holy flamethrower and Jericus grenades their wall. We continue on and return safely to the spire. “The warden wants to see you…” We check in with the warden who is just upset that we went out without his permission.

We return to the ship and depart. We have a stowaway guard who wants out. We are not going to talk to Ms. Abide. We plan to go back to Tranch and meet up with Leopold.

Our story: that we went to the planet, Barros was switched so we went into the compound and found xeno shit and blew the place up. We did not talk to Barros. We have guard as a witness of Abide’s heretical prison colony. We are going to wait and see what happens with our knowledge of Leopold and see if Ms. Ruby knows what he’s been up to.

Isn't that supposed to be my line?
In Jail/Just Visiting

Go through door into quarantine zone. Large vehicle was driven through door at some point. Encounter a hole blown in a metal surface with green light glowing out of it. Becomes clear that this is not of human origin.

I 'ardly know her.

Landed on penal colony – Venus-style hellscape

Forced to meet with Warden Dante
Sent to parole board for prisoner inquires.
Parole board will bring in prisoner for questioning within a few days, (refused to let us extract him directly)

Warden sent us to local tech priests for reactor question.
Head Priest Sanguinius dodged question and used some form of mind control to stop us asking questions. Zar was not fooled

Did more general hacking:
- No discrepancies in supply chain.
- No extra communications
- Power records show fluctuations around time of distress call, then a HUGE power spike. Then leveled off

We suspect something heretical has been done to replace the lost power.
- Psychers?
- Demons?
- Archaeotech?

Visited camera room and got a list of cameras which were disabled in engineering + Signed work order
used work order to get into duct room
Victoria & Katie Climbed into ducts to get closer to reactor. felt something bad there?
Points of fatigue for both + Point of corruption for Victoria.

Start next session with interrogation of prisoner.

Heads Up!
What's a penal colony?

500 Exp for completing spring storyline. Total 2750

Pausing on Settlement 228 with Leopold and Reinhold Quintus on the way to Tranch.

Olman and Reinhold’s father was governor of the planet. Younger brother (Olman) thinks he has claim on the governor and the younger brother wants to send us with a package to the brother. The package is a head from a spy. He thinks that the brother is less likely to kill inquisition. Olman has taken over part of the planet and set up his own faction.

Both sides look like they’re pretty miserable and poor. Both sides aren’t particularly well armed or equipped.

Land on Olman’s lawn. Announce we are inquisition. Olman comes out to collect package. He opens the box and doesn’t look surprised. Send message to Reinhold that package was delivered. “Your lady is welcome to visit any time.”

Leopold is going to stay on Settlement 228 to “do some work”. We go on to Tranch in pursuit of Baros for selling lacrimole DNA. Redacted information is signed Noella Abide. Also questions about how she’s funding her operation. Ask around about Noella. Techpriests find out that She rounded up tech priests and took them off world and never heard from again. Theory: she was building something and killed them at the end to keep her secrets. Talk to shop keeper: things are running well, smoothly and everything is wonderful. Shopkeeper lived on Hesh (lathes) and this is much better. He seems genuinely happy. Shopkeeper says good things about Noella.

We go to see Noella. The arbites are well equipped and plentiful. Crime is low. Meet Noella and ask about the Xeno dealer. She will give us info to get to the dealer in exchange for a favor. She wants to give people the opportunity to make amends with the emperor by working instead of being instantly being put to death. [THIS IS HERETICAL]. We can interrogate this person who is at a work farm. The work facility needs fuel for their reactors and then stopped requesting any supplies including fuel. She is worried that they are becoming independent of her. The facility is off-world. She thinks there’s a mole in her organization and we’re supposed to find out where they are getting fuel from. Noella will assign us to a larger cargo ship for travel to the penal colony.

Arrive at penal colony, and see a dome shaped ‘city’ on the planet which resembles Venus. Dome opens and we enter the colony.


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