Vonk Mail

From: The Black Rose
To: Alexander Vonk
Subject: A business proposal

Alexander Vonk,

I understand you are in the business of training soldiers. I have recently purchased a specimen from the bounty hunter Barros. While I can’t go into the details, I can say that there is an opportunity here to train what could be the greatest team of assassins in the sector.

However, I will need some capital to enter into this venture as well as some supplies that you are uniquely able to provide. Specifically, I will need:

2,000,000 thrones
10 kiloliters of biomemetic gel
Neron Perez

Your investment will be paid for in equity of what will likely be a very profitable venture. You will also have access to the elite team of assassins.

Best regards,
The Black Rose

From: Alexander Vonk
To: The Black Rose
Subject: RE: A business proposal

The Black Rose,

I assume by your use of a pseudonym that this venture of yours is of questionable legality. That being said, I am intrigued by this possible business relationship. I can meet your price. I will additionally provide you with office and laboratory space within Vonkus Majoris. I’ll take steps to ensure that the local security forces leave you alone.

That being said, I need my name as far from this as possible. I’ll have a team of mercenaries requisition the scientist for you. He, along with the supplies and money, will be delivered to a office building.

I’ll be monitoring your progress remotely. Please delete all records of this correspondence. Also, from this point forward, do not contact me directly. When the time comes, I will contact you.

Best wishes,

Vonk Mail

By Any Means Reverend Reverend