By Any Means

Journey to the Moon
Three-way lesbian lacrimole porn?

Total at start of session 1650

At Ice Castle Moon Resort. Assassinate sorority girls because we have evidence they’re both lacrimoles.

ballroom has one main entrance, curtain exit to kitchen, wall across from kitchen has a series of glass doors that open to the 2nd floor balcony. Zur and Thrace takes position on balcony, Luce will take door in the event they try and run, Jericus takes position in the kithcen. Jura successfully lures the sorority girls away, but they catch on that it’s an ambush.

Luce and Thrace take shots at the two assassins but miss. Amber throws a live crack grenade towards the pillows in the middle of the room making a hole in the floor. Bethany goes through hole in floor, Amber climbs walls and is obviously a lacrimole. Zur hits Amber in the arm for lots of damage. Jericus takes a shot at Amber, killing her. Amber was not a lacrimole. Jura jumps down into the hole after Brittany and lands into a lobby area of the resort. Luce radios the resort security to lock down and the entire team gives chase for after the lacrimole heading downstairs. Zur goes outside and goes for a window shooting opportunity. Jura catches up and enters melee contact with the lacrimole while a guard bleeds out and a second one soils himself. Zur gets into position outside the room where the boys are, and coordinates evacuating the boys through a window. people start getting close enough to engage in combat. The guard opens the door to the room giving line of sight to the lacrimole from where the boys are. Some more combat before she disengages from melee and backs into the room. Zur takes a shot and hits her in the head. Brittany is taken alive by the team for interrogation.

Who gave you your orders? – Marcellas Bernotus (instructor at Jura’s school)
Where are the other lacrimoles? – at technoskill unless they have been sent out on a mission. Doesn’t self identify as a lacrimole. There were 4 of us – one was on a mission but never came back. We were all sent on different missions. I’ve been working this mission for a few months. What do you know about [the school where Jura went to school]? Nothing. Marcellas was brought in to train us.
Brittany doesn’t recognize description of scientist’s daughter. Do have to kill person to take their shape. Lacrimoles are chemgeld – not sexual. “I’m a person just like you, I just change shape.” Ask about scientist – earliest memories are of him but shortly after that they started assassin training. Always send a lacrimole with a human handler (trained at same school). Doesn’t recognize team from Jura’s training or other students from her school.

Call Governor to say son is safe. Everyone (including frat boys) head back to planet). Vonk has been in the news recently: “Technoskill laboratories had a facility burn up and the Vonk security discovered this unlicensed laboratory” Vonk disavows knowledge etc. Lacrimole corpse on ship storage. Governor will need a week to mobilize his forces. A week has now elapsed since we dropped off.

Things to investigate:

  • link between assassin school (Jura) and lacrimole training.
  • Marcellus Barnadus and Miss Zamelda
  • go to assassin’s guild to see if anyone can be beaten into talking?
  • where is scientist’s daughter?
  • social engineer someone at Vonk or breaking and entering? Use competitor (nimbusplex) to break in via governor.
  • burn vonk to the ground for being heretical
  • recruit assassins and unify Vonk’s enemies.
  • leaders of Nimbusplex are techpriests.
  • where did they get the original lacrimole DNA
  • Vonk’s aerchaeological or long term travels.; social engineer someone at Vonk or breaking and entering. Use competitor to break in?

Equipment Looted:
*crack grenade
*frag grenade
*two monoknives (thrown or stabbing)
*4 throwing stars

Vonk Part Two

XP total at start of session 1350

People in tech center: Elevator goes “DING!” someone goes for the bathroom while the players dive for cover. The receptionist comes up to the 10th floor and complains that 3 party members are missing – we meet security in the lobby and intimidate them into letting us go by outing ourselves as Inquisition.

Head for Techno Laboratories on the outskirts of Vonkus Majorus. We also have an address for their corporate offices. Stakeout the building and look for Neron Perez. Lots of heavy guards and scientists come and go. We disctact a scientist and pickpocket his badge. We mug a janitor for his badge, the premise: don’t feed the pigeons! Meanwhile, at the ship, Jericus has a delivery person visit with a large package for Jura. The delivery person drops it off and fakes the signature. The box has a letter “You have friends” and contains a male body with the mark of the Assassin’s guild.

Jericus does research to see if there is access to the Lab through the sewers – negative. Thrace sets a bomb at the power conduit for the block and the power goes out. While we’re waiting – notice the top floor is fully lit, while other floors are mostly shut down. 6th floor it is… We go for the front door under the premise we’re a response team. It falls apart immediately and we wind up shooting up 3 guards. Luce takes a critical hit to the head – yay for crit chart rules! As combat ends, we notice the receptionist has run off and the lights come on. We loot the bodies for 30 credits, badges and Luce takes a helmet.

We go to the 6th floor and start hitting doors. We find a lab with lacrimoles in vats and Neron in a cel. We rescue Neron and steal notebooks. We then blow the lab. We debrief Neron – there are 4 lacrimoles active – we killed one and there are 3 left… The company has been having assassins train the lacrimoles as a “new assassin technology”. He wants to rescue his daughter at the corporate headquarters.

next steps – blow up the head quarters. kill lacrimoles ( maybe there are mission info at headquarters), is daughter a lacrimole?

Vonk part one
You're a wanted woman

Leopold – I have another errand to run, so i’m leaving you and this shuttle here and i’ll be back in 3 weeks. if you find the scientist (Meron Perez) take him alive so we can interrogate him. Players receive their monthly income.

City – Terminus – main city with transit and (space) ship dock. Most of the cities are owned by companies. Vonkus Majorus is a city on the planet. Check in with respective entities. Priest and Arbiters fail miserably. Tech priests – Vonk has been family owned for several generations. Lately have been expanding taking over more land and noone was stopping them. Definitely black markets for xenotech. Aqueo – ocean,fishing industry; Nimusplex – information hub of the planet; Vonk is the third large company.

head to black market area – underground. Lots of drug dealers selling compounds that are advertised as coming from various xenos. There is a doorway with the symbol on it that we saw on the lacrimole armor. Heavily armored people keep going in/out and show symbol as they walk in/out. Arbiter bribes her way in. Ask and told that doorway is the local assassin’s guild. Since lacrimole had this symbol, likely was a member of the guild. Team buys ear buds for communication. “Microbead”. Jura goes into the assassin’s guild. Learns there’s a $30k price on her head., contract taken out by old mentor Miss Zemelda. Heads into the back to talk to the guild leader. 5 assassins leave. [Jura’s backstory]. Vonk is not hiring assassins any more (due to breeding xenos?)

Leave underground market place and set up in a nearby hotel. $2/day. head to Vonkus Majorus via train overnight. OUr shuttle is flown by a generic ship guy so it’s on hand. We g social our way into an HR building. The social characters (Zur and Luce) go on a distraction with some office drones while Thrace and Jericus go hacking and Jura keeps watch. Look for info on Meron Perez – was on their payroll on the lab on other planet. still on payroll but working for “Technoskill Laboratories”, Nadia Vankoenig – Nothing [with very successful roll]. Technoskill Laboratories – has payroll irregularities, but is a subsidiary. Vonk – has a file but mostly redacted.

Pitting warlords against eachother
You have overstayed your welcome

It didn’t snow! +50xp

Orcs common lore imperium (Thrace) – savage brutal race, always fighting, reproducing or fighting.

Leopold comes to us with a case of lascarbines as bribes. Also have remaining alcohol for small bribes. Plan: go in and ask questions, then fuck things up.

Fly over encampment where we’re told orc bits were sold to. It’s a small village with huts. Then go back to orc crash site and track scavengers (Jura). Jura has a hard time tracking (this happened months ago). So the team heads towards the village on foot. village guards lead the team to the village warlord who deals in the “biological contraband”. “you’re here to see it too?” leads the team to a different hut; Throne made of orc bones and has a dessicated orc corpse sitting on the throne. “This is the great god, he brings us strength.” “We come and pray to the great god and he gives us strength. My men are strong an virile in a way they’ve never been. The emperor rules and trades with us, but doesn’t give us strength in our everyday battles.” Zar intimidates warlord with emperor speech. Warlord makes for the door and flees outside. He starts screaming that the offworlders are a trap. Initiate combat.

Jura and Luce engage in melee while everyone else shoots. The “priests” also engage in melee. End of first round, villagers start arming themselves and heading towards the fight. Second round – Luce stuns the warlord and drags him back inside the but. Jura takes out a guard, and everyone but Jura hides back in the hut. Jura does supressing fire on one side but is targeted by the other side. The warlord goes out to negotiate with his second and the second shoots him. “You have overstayed your welcome. please leave”

We go back to the other militia and give them the weapons and train them (2d) and then lead a raid on the heretical village. We take the orc remains and take them back to Leopold.

We continue on to Merov to find the company that bank rolled the research that the missing protoge was working on. They might be funding the lacrimole research. The hard drives from the research facility: ended abrubtly 2 years ago; funding for research was from Vonk industries on Merov.

notes on Merov (planet): Most imperial planets are serfdoms but Merov has a corporate oligarchy. It’s a hive planet. Other clue: symbol of hands holding weapons on lacrimole armor and on one of his victims. maybe a corporate logo or cult symbol?

next steps: black market for xeno bits, hacking computers, corporate espionage angle, walk in as authority figures, check with arbitrators. reports of exsanguination (lacrimole attacks), is scientist guy here? biomimetic liquid or host mother? other scientist with blacked out record?

VKJ notes
Feb 16, 2015

February 16, 2015
Leopold shows up with crates for bargaining: primitive guns
flyover town who stole orc parts, see huts
guards bring us to Warlord
Warlord takes us to see the orc bodies, at nicer hut, throne of orc bones and dessicated orc body sitting upon it
say that Emperor doesn’t give them strength in battle
I get hurt trying to prevent him from leaving
I kill priest with autogun
2nd in command kills warlord
we train up and come back with neighboring clan and kill most everyone, get body back
Planet Merov: run by Merovic Combine, instead of dictator everything is ruled by the Invisible Hand of the Market, hive planet


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