magical girl!


Assassin, from a pleasure planet in the Imperial world.

My best friend is Michiko, who is just too cute for other people to see.


Jura appeared to be a normal high-school student, but secretly, her all-girls boarding school was an elite assassin training program. Our headmistress Ms. Zemelda set up contracts for teams to fulfill. Jura loved being able to make the world a prettier, better place by eliminating unpleasantness in the world.

Unfortunately, Headmistress X was in debt to a particular client Mr. Meinhardtus, who wanted to hire Jura full-time… as his wife/enforcer. Since Jura had not worked for long enough to pay for her education (girls worked as assassins for 5 years after graduation to pay for education), she would have been obligated to fulfill this. However, Jura knows that somewhere out there, her One True Love is waiting for her, and Mr. Meinhardtus is not it. Besides that, based on rumors about how his previous two wives died, Mr. Meinhardtus would probably attempt to kill her (but not succeed, of course) if she defied him. On what was planned to be her wedding night, Jura escaped and is now fleeing Mr. Meinhardtus and searching the universe for said OTL.


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