By Any Means

Vonk Part Four

Rocket's red glare!

Start session at 1700xp

Nimbusplex – computer and data company. Approach them looking for help hacking Vonk and pull out the inquisition card if necessary. Offer for we get heretical info and they can have anything else. Also trade on info that an attack on Vonk is coming. What we want: where the “artifact” came from, special trained assassin missions, location of scientists’s daughter.

Jura, Thrace, Jericus go to Nimbusplex to meet techpriests. They go into the front entrance and meet two techpriests on a throne. Governor Sanvik sent word ahead. Most protected data is isolated in Vonk HQ. Some informants in Vonk have returned “changed” implying that his computer systems have the ability to damage any hackers. Payment: get techpriests in and out safely. Nimbusplex will provide hackers to penetrate the systems during the military incursion. Take 2 days to train Thrace and Jericus on how to fight Vonk’s anti intrusion measures.

They will provide information on Marcellas Bernotus – home address near technoskill laboratories. Miss Zamelda – does not register. What is state of Vonk defenses? Send to Governor. Location of Serena Perez – does not register.

Name of surgeon in nimbusplex who can attach mechadendrite – after mission.

Luce and Zar stay in Vonkus Majorus trying to social engineer some disgruntled employees. Go to bar with guy who directs us to the bar. Bar is empty. All the employees were arrested. The bar’s been empty investigation at technoskill is ongoing. Gossip: supposedly when they were raiding they found prisoners – two younger ladies. Taken into custody. Who is in charge of investigation? Vonk security, but Arbitrator Marshall Dolvan is helping with the investigations.

Visit Arbitrator Dolvan – two prisoners – one is a prisoner asking for her father a scientist. Other is a spy who won’t talk. Looking for illegal lab records. Computers were destroyed. Dolvan gives us prisoner transfer papers for two prisoners to terminus. Jura joins Luce and Zar to do prisoner transfer. Go into Vonk security (jail) and escorted to warden’s office. Picture of the team pictured on the wall wanted for questioning by Vonk Corporate. Other person looks pretty beaten, dressed like a flower delivery person. DId not give a name.

Jura is in office – watches as black helicopter lands in front courtyard. well dressed woman in a suit 2 guards (think secret service) approached jail.

Warden leads the two prisoners and Luce and Zar to a sewer grate. Luce takes a swing as the warden leaves. The 4 some go into the sewers. find sewer grate and ladder escape. Jura joins team – Jura recognizes Kira who was part of Jura’s team under Miss Zamelda. Go back to bar to clean up. Kira gives name “Crystal” – just a delivery girl; she fails her deceive. Go back to Terminus and set them up in a hotel and do DNA tests on both of them. Kira DNA test comes back human. Serena comes back not human. Scientist confirms that his daughter should be human.

Thrace stays with Kira. Zar stakes out a sniper position on the neighboring roof. Jura watches the door, Luce takes in-the-room duty. Rocket fires from Zar’s hotel to ours. Zar hits and then so does the rocket. Not Serena goes all Lacrimole – combat starts. Not Serena gets killed by the team. Kira tries to get into combat but after getting ganged up on, surrenders. Jura parkours out the building to help rescue Zar who has been attacked in a different hotel, two blocks away. Luce binds Kira and starts hauling her towards the roof where our ship is supposed to pick us up. Jura makes it to the other hotel and Zar’s assailant. Jura goes full berserker and kills the attacker – she was a handler for the lacrimole. (Johnny let this slip)

Interrogate Kira then lay low for a week and do battle planning. The government raid on Vonk will be in a week.


Reverend gwyndolyn

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