By Any Means


I 'ardly know her.

Landed on penal colony – Venus-style hellscape

Forced to meet with Warden Dante
Sent to parole board for prisoner inquires.
Parole board will bring in prisoner for questioning within a few days, (refused to let us extract him directly)

Warden sent us to local tech priests for reactor question.
Head Priest Sanguinius dodged question and used some form of mind control to stop us asking questions. Zar was not fooled

Did more general hacking:
- No discrepancies in supply chain.
- No extra communications
- Power records show fluctuations around time of distress call, then a HUGE power spike. Then leveled off

We suspect something heretical has been done to replace the lost power.
- Psychers?
- Demons?
- Archaeotech?

Visited camera room and got a list of cameras which were disabled in engineering + Signed work order
used work order to get into duct room
Victoria & Katie Climbed into ducts to get closer to reactor. felt something bad there?
Points of fatigue for both + Point of corruption for Victoria.

Start next session with interrogation of prisoner.


Reverend beyonderdomela

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