By Any Means

Saving Miss Ruby

Remember who put you here.

Starting XP 2250.

See wiki for emails from Vonk Enterprises. Message saying 4th lacrimole sent to gun metal (Cintilla) city and price for the mission it is 100,000 thrones. Cintilla is the capital of the sector where Miss Ruby is. Launch codes for for missiles.

We have Vonk tell his soldiers to stand down and call the government to tell them that we have captured Vonk. Governor does not have information on bounty hunter.

Ask Tech priests about the bounty hunter – last they heard from him was he was headed to Tranch several years ago.

Go interrogate Marcellus – find him through Marshall Dolan. Marshall is going to look up if there are any arbites records on the bounty hunter. We go talk to Marcellus. Jura is grumpy with him. Hasn’t spoken to Zamelda since the school closed. Miss Zamelda gave a positive recommendation for Marcellus to Black Rose and helped him get the job with Vonk. Marcellus can’t tell us about Jura’s programming due to his own programming. “There were scientists at the school.” Marcellus then passes out. When he awakes: he thinks miss Zamelda is back on their home world, but might be able to be drawn out with Jura’s body. Did know that it was lacrimoles he was training and believed in the cause for “the perfect assassins”. They weren’t all perfect assassins, and some of them didn’t come out right – the last one is the one that was on top of its game. Kill Marcellus.

Marshall Dolvan found a record on Barros (the bounty hunter) from a few years ago – was arrested on Tranch for selling illegal weapons, but the execution date is blank, and there’s a bunch redacted and signed “Noella Abide, Inquisitor”

Hang out a few days drinking tiki drinks and Jericus gets his mechadendrite. Leopold says to make an example of Vonk. We execute him on TV.

Go back to Auroborus – talk to Leopold.about Noella Abide – well respected on trench and she cleaned up the crime on the planet. There are rumors spreading about her having some kind of corruption since her officers are the best armed in the sector and there’s no money trail to explain it.

We go to gun metal city to attack the lacrimole. We know an address where there was supposed to be a meeting. We know the name of the handler (Larkin) We find a hotel reservation for Larkin several weeks ago and check out the hotel room. We find lacrimole armor and some weapons. There’s a fine layer of dust on everything. We go to the bar where they were supposed to meet and Jura looks for a shady person. Jericus finds ship records for the arrival of Larkin and Garth. Research mysterious deaths and find an exsanguinated body being stored at the morgue. We go to the morgue. Person tried to break in and steal the body and they were caught and given to the authorities. Body is Miss Ruby’s body guard, Argus. Go to arbiters to see who broke it – it’s Larkin. We start interrogating Larkin – target was an inquisitor, killed someone to get close to the inquisitor. After the kill – give code word to bartender and then get payout. Larkin gives us the codeword and the bar. We sentence him to death

Go to Miss Ruby’s. Radio to Leopold on Auroborus. We take our ship to Miss Ruby’s compound. Leopold will radio ahead so her other guards know to expect us. We land and “Argus” is in Miss Ruby’s office with her and a diplomat. Diplomat is Reinhold Quintus from Settlement 228. We break into Miss Ruby’s office, Jura interposes herself between Miss Ruby and “Argus” who opens fire. Luce one hit’s the lacrimole. Miss Ruby, “well that was unexpected.” We are escorted out and asked to return in the evening.

At dinner, we are offered our choice of beverage again, at dinner with Miss Ruby. Ask Miss Ruby about things she doesn’t know (miss zamelda, black rose, bounty hunter), Noella Abide is specialized in insurgency. After Dinner they bring us boxes. PREZZIES! Jura gets a stealthy armor (+20 to shadowing, 4 armor, +20 to dodge when you activate and lasts 2D10 rounds). Zar is given a flame thrower with the head of an eagle that makes a squealing sound that causes fear 1 in our enemies. Luce is given a helmet with 4 armor points with mirror shades that allow +10 to scrutiny, interrogation, search, tracking. Jericus is given a vehicle control implant successful tech use gives piloting control of vehicle can get blunt control of vehicles for 1 fatigue but can control will bonus worth of vehicles for 1km range. Thrace is given a long laze with red dot sight that connects to her implants and allows for free aim on a maintained target with line of sight.


Reverend gwyndolyn

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