By Any Means

Once more into the breach...

"I'm going to die in here."

+250exp; start of session 3500

Start the session in the breached opening of an alien space ship. Things inside are advanced xeno technology; but well preserved. Enter through a lit up blinky technology looking space. We can go left or right… Right. … There is a closed sliding door. backtrack and look at left hand hallway. Hallway opens into a room; On the far side of the room there is a pile of approx 12 bodies. Enter room; there are stasis pods with cybernetic things in them. ~9ft tall, mechanized beings; seem well armored and very little biologic component to them. The ship is far from the spire; so if they’re using the ship to power things they would have to run a major conduit. Bodies are methodically stacked prisoners from the prison and are not servitors. They were shot. (we discover later that gun servitors probably stacked them.)

Go back to the door. Thrace and Zur search the door and finds no traps, but Luce finds human boot prints going back and forth through this door. There is an empty hallway with more doors. There are recent tracks down the hall and through an open doorway. We look into the room where the footprints lead and find gun servitors and more of the mechanical aliens. We take out one of the gun servitors; they didn’t seem to send out a message alerting of our presence. Jericus takes control of the other servitor. We examine the computers and pods; they are powered by ship; no clear buttons to control the pods so they are controlled by computers or ship. Maybe if we can power the ship down…

Go further down the hall, through another door and find 3 more servitors. We take out two of them and take over the third one. The broken one carries Jura’s broken body. The other has a working gun. Out the back of the room there’s a railing showing engine parts; there are two reactors and an empty space for a third with human tools lying around. The remaining power sources seem to be working correctly. Jericus uses some heretical xeno medical supplies to try and heal Jura – the impossible happens. We set explosives to make the engine go critical in 24 hours. Jericus fixes the second servitor and programs them both to defend our hidden bomb.

We head back to the spire; the way we came is blocked by a makeshift wall built by prisoners. There’s a gang there. ~12 crudely equipped Zur intimidates them with his holy flamethrower and Jericus grenades their wall. We continue on and return safely to the spire. “The warden wants to see you…” We check in with the warden who is just upset that we went out without his permission.

We return to the ship and depart. We have a stowaway guard who wants out. We are not going to talk to Ms. Abide. We plan to go back to Tranch and meet up with Leopold.

Our story: that we went to the planet, Barros was switched so we went into the compound and found xeno shit and blew the place up. We did not talk to Barros. We have guard as a witness of Abide’s heretical prison colony. We are going to wait and see what happens with our knowledge of Leopold and see if Ms. Ruby knows what he’s been up to.


Reverend gwyndolyn

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