By Any Means

Meet Mr. Vonk

Are you the Black Rose?

1850 starting XP.

Urgent communication from Nimbusplex: Heavy casualties on both sides and evenly matched. Vonk might have ICBMs capable of destroying Terminus and may use them if he feels cornered.

Interrogate Kira: Luce doesn’t succeed at interrogating her. Jura goes in: Vera and I have been looking all over for you. Jura: price on my head? Kira: due to walking away form marriage. Miss Zamelda also put a price on my head. School was shut down and put prices on everyone’s heads. I was trying to find out why they closed the school so I went to infiltrate Vonk. Vera was probably the one trying to protect you, she’s on this planet. Rest of our team is dead. Leta disappeared (she failed a mission and Zamelda killed her), Anna (failed a mission and wasn’t right. drugged and then killed? by Zamelda). We have blackout times and feel weird, think Zamelda did something to them and now it’s “coming undone”. Poss: brain implant, mental programming? Have info for trying to find Vera – pseudonyms and safehouses. Tell her we’re inquisition investigating heretical activities. After when being interrogated after raid by Arbitrator Dolvan – asking about “the black rose”.

Send message to Vera at hotel to meet at the employee bar from earlier. She’ll join us back at ship.

Ask researcher for names: who was your handler or project manager? The black rose. Original DNA came from freshly dead (murdered) lacrimole. Lacrimoles aren’t as dead as we thought – this one was bred. Vonk really wanted a breeding pair. Tell scientist that Vonk killed his daughter.

Research: note able to get info on exacutives at technoskill. Do get high level public facing officials at Vonk. One of them is the well dressed lady in the ornithopter at the jail – Thalia McHel – Vonk’s right hand for years. Have generic list of executives. Also found locations where Vonk dug out silos but they have. Look into who might be a lacrimole behind the sceens pulling Vonk’s strings.

Meet with Arbitrator Dolvan at “Cheers”. She was taken off the case after prisoner transfer went poorly. All Vonk staff is handling case. Black Rose: person is heading up technoskill operation but no futher info. Not an established criminal; technoskilll has been in business for 3 years. Thalia – Vonk’s most trusted staff, if Vonk is involved, she is too.

Thalia will meet with us in Terminus. Willing to cut her a deal if she tells us everything. THis is a problem that isn’t going to go away. set up a deal with her. She will meet us in a government room; she is extremely protective of Vonk. THis is all a misunderstanding, we want to put this behind us. Vonk will meet with us in Vonkus Majorus. Thalia – black rose contacted Vonk to pitch super assassins. Vonk did an initial investment and started technoskill labs. Genetically engineered shape shifting super soldiers. Thalia has not been able to find info about black rose. Scrutiny- she is full of shit but thinks she and Vonk are untouchable. Thalia will give us access to technoskill building and arrange a meeting with Vonk at Vonk HQ. She will send us correspondence with Black Rose. She will take us in ornithopter to Vonk HQ.

They are taking us the long way and showing us all the military capability. Land at Vonk HQ. Vonk gives us access to some files in a sanitized sandbox. Date and location in gunmetal city where older scientist mentor was working. Recent. Communication between Miss Zamelda and Black Rose with recommendation for Marcellus. Empl;oyee Map.

Things to do:
Find Marcellus (he’s on this world)
Poke around at Technoskill Building
Find a way to neuter the ICBMs
Find/Kill Black Rose

Find Miss Zamelda (she isn’t on this world)


Reverend gwyndolyn

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