By Any Means

Attack on Vonk Industries

The Vonk Ultimatum

Starting XP 2000

Start up day before attack should begin. Update from brothers in Nimbusplex: civil defense force may have a narrow advantage because several high level executives have “gone missing”.

Analyse Vonk HQ map – all executives have a back hallway to a safe room. Kira and Vera show up and say they’re going to work on taking out the remaining executives and recruit Jura to join them.

Plan: Visit Thalia and when the attack starts fight our way to the safe room. Bring 2 tech priests as “technical advisors” after last sandbox encounter.

We gain access to the building by talking to Thalia. She bring us in to a sandbox room. We’ve also asked for access to executive offices and by the time we’re looking to stop killing time in the computer room, they’re ready for us in the offices. We go in, kill some time and also look for the secret passage. We eventually find the hidden door and make our way to Vonk’s lair.

The blast doors are closed and there are two guards. We successfully intimidate one and the other hits the alarm. Jericus hits them with a grenade and takes out the paniced guard. The other one takes damage but is still up. Combat starts and we take him out in a few rounds. Meanwhile, Thrace and the techpriest minions start jacking in and trying to open the blast doors via computer. After a few rounds, a scuffle starts down one hallway, and two guards appear. The party successfully takes them out as Thalia appears followed promptly by a red laser sight and a bullet. From the fog appears Jura, Vera and Kira.

Vonk comes on the computer display saying we have 12 minutes until he levels Terminus. Thrace successfully hacks the door open and we are now faced with fighting Vonk himself and 4 guards. There are two terminals – one for the missile system and another which presumably has the top secret files we’ve been wanting. The team starts systematically taking out the guards, and as the guards fall, Jericus goes for the weapons computer and Luce starts going after Vonk eventually subduing him.

The techpriests keep fighting the AI in the computer while Luce starts interrogating Vonk. Jericus eventually gets control of the targeting system and re-targets Vonk HQ. Thrace downloads the entire dirty secrets hard drive. The retargeting, Vonk breaks and says he will use his handprint to finish disabling the missiles.

We have time to clean up – stealing and erasing hard drives and delete the AI.

Who designed the security system?
Where is the last lacrimole?
Still haven’t answered who is the Black Rose?
Where is Miss Zamelda?


Reverend gwyndolyn

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